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The Ranch is owned and operated by Jim & Ginny Birdsall. Jim grew up on a farm in New Jersey before moving to Pennsylvania in 1977 to a farm which would eventually become Open Gate Ranch in the 1980s.
From a very young age, Jim had a love of horses. He’s been working with horses his entire life and has over fifty years of experience breaking and riding horses. He does everything from trail riding to cow work including roping, sorting, penning, cutting and reining. He also enjoys working with draft horses and mules. He can often be found using his team of horses to work around the farm with horse drawn equipment. 
Jim has farmed the property since the late 1970s. He also managed a commercial cow/calf and feed lot operation of purebred Charolais in the 70s and 80s. In addition, Jim has worked as a farrier for over 40 years. 

Jim has spent most of his life here and has put years of work into making Open Gate Ranch what it is today.
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